Understanding the importance of comfortable playtime and sleep for child development,
we imagined designing the dreamland of happy and healthy kids.
Combining our modern aesthetic with traditional touches we create socially responsible
and environmentally friendly collections according to the needs of each developmental childhood phase.
Inspired by the smile on the face of our kids when they ditch their all-day outfits and
change into their loungewear – at Antebies we are blurring the boundaries between
ready to wear and sleepwear for kids between 0-12 years.
Transforming underwear and loungewear, into something our little ones can spend the full day in!

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Explore our clean, eco-friendly productsWe're proud to carry only quality products.

We believe and want families to have it all. By personally sourcing only quality products, 6Monkeys is helping families to be well on their way to achieving this.

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