Twirly Girl

TwirlyGirl is a family owned business built primarily on word of mouth. All of our garments are hand sewn in the USA.  This definitely increases our labor costs.  However, we provide added value in the quality of our clothing and our stellar customer service.

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Twirly Girl Dresses

What’s the first thing a girl does when she puts on a pretty dress? She twirls!

That’s why we created the Original Reversible Twirly Dresses®. We’ve since added more reversible twirly designs. Full circle skirts in soft, flowy, exuberant fabrics make our twirly designs unique and timeless. Because they are easy to care for, they can be worn every day — not just on special occasions. No need to worry about these dresses sitting in the back of the closet. They’re going to be worn every day!

Twirly Girl Skirts

Reversible Skirt For Twirly Irresistible Fun

This reversible skirt is so versatile. Each side has a different mood! This style was designed in 2007 and is one of our signature pieces. Throughout the years, the only thing we have added is a sweet ruffle trim to both sides, giving it a lively twirly twist. We try to make all of our pieces be multi-functional, so this skirt can be worn everyday or dressed up for a party. Complete the look with our girls t shirts, long sleeve hoodies, and leggings or shorts, and it can be worn year round.


Cardigans with an Artisan Twist

Finally, we have created a cover up for all our timeless dresses and skirts. She can wear this lightweight jersey knit cardigan in slightly cool weather and even when it’s super cold outside, this can be a great cover up when inside. We’ve added little ties in the front and a gathered detail in the back. The sloping style is very attractive when tied or left open. If you look closely, you’ll see only 2 seams for the sleeves. There are no other seams inside, how cool is that?


Girls Leggings and Shorts In Stripes and Prints

At TwirlyGirl, we believe in empowering girls to express their creativity.  Look unique, be unique.  To further this, we engaged the services of a Hollywood screenwriter to write a series of free audiobooks for your children.  Turn off the TV, and encourage them to listen to these stories while they color or play. They’re also perfect for travel.  No matter what their activity, girls should always feel comfortable.  That’s why we also created our girls leggings & shorts.  They can be worn alone, or underneath our twirly dresses and skirts.  With a flexible elastic waistband for an easy fit, these colorful and uniquely contrasting stripes & prints complete the look. Our specially designed UnderTwirl™ shorts are a must have for all our high flying twirly dresses and skirts. These extra items allow her to wear TwirlyGirl even as the weather gets colder.

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