Original Sprout

Family-friendly, safe, and soothing products made with natural and organic ingredients, created for babies and up.

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O.B. Designs

O.B. Design's inspiration was to create nursery toys and decor that were safe, ethical, functional and of course beautiful.

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Safe & Cool! Enjoy days that matter with these unique water shoes.

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Cici Art Factory

Kids deserve to see art that sparks imaginations and activates rooms.

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Our mission is a simple one: to make products from waste that never contribute to waste and to do our part to shape a future that enables our children and planet to thrive.

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Moi's primary focus is creating stylish and funky clothes for children with a dash of attitude to inspire sustainable living, being free and full of desire to make the earth a better place.

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THE NEW collections encourage children to find their own style, away from the normal children’s clothing universe. Always with a glint in the eye and a twist of humour.

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Handcrafted with organic materials
each Antebies product you bring home,
empowers rural women by creating an income
and inspiring hope for a better future

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6Monkeys Hair Accessories

Bring the 80’s fun back with a colourful modern twist in your hair.  Just wrap around your ponytails or pigtails once and you're set to go.

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Bobo & Boo Plantbased Dinnerware

Stylish eco friendly dinnerware for kids (and the mamas who made them)

Explore our clean, eco-friendly productsWe're proud to carry only quality products.

We believe and want families to have it all. By personally sourcing only quality products, 6Monkeys is helping families to be well on their way to achieving this.

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